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2022 Live Well Fall Reset

Join Candice Trudel
September 18th – September 27th

Live Well Nutrition and Ayurveda

About The Live Well Fall Reset

Live Well Spring Reset

This plant based program was designed to help boost the body’s natural detoxifying processes during the transitions of the summer to fall seasons in a gentle and safe way that will not leave you feeling depleted or deprived.

Fall is the time of year where we see the natural world begin to prepare for winter. Leaves change colors and fall off the trees, birds, and butterflies migrate, some animals grow a thicker coat, others gather extra food to store and eat later, they find shelter and some hibernate. Animals in nature are much more in tune with their seasonal rhythms than we are as humans, but we have work to do, too. Our first call to action is to help dissipate excess summer heat from our systems before the elements of air and space take over.

These 2 elements bring the qualities of dry, raw, rough, cold, and movement to our bodies and minds. If not balanced, we see such things as seasonal allergies, sinus congestion, lethargy, irregular digestion, excessive weight gain colds, anxiety, and depression.

The Live Well Fall Reset will also:

  • Aid in the detoxification of environmental and emotional toxins.
  • Kick-start new eating habits that will serve you throughout a lifetime.
  • Improve digestion and be able to evaluate your own digestive health.
  • Optimize energy and sleep and reduce inflammation in the body.

Meet The Host

Candice Trudel

Candice is the owner of Live Well Nutrition and Ayurveda. She is a lifelong learner and lover of knowledge and finding ways to empower her clients on their path to health and healing. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences as well as a master’s in Holistic Nutrition. She is a nationally certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Reiki Master, and yoga instructor. Candice is passionate about using food as medicine and helping her clients get to the root of their ailments by utilizing the tools that nature has provided. When she isn’t working with clients, you can be sure to see her with her sweet boys Leo and Asa, in the yoga studio, or perhaps talking about poop to anyone who will listen. She loves cooking and dinner parties, sitting around a campfire, and just being cozy in a robe and slippers at home with family.

The Live Well Fall Reset Includes:

A detailed manual to guide you through the cleansing process day by day.

Recipes to aid in detoxification, food is medicine!

Community Facebook group.

Cooking demonstrations by Candice Trudel.

Ayurvedic philosophy of a plant-based fall cleanse.

Yin yoga to help aid in processing emotions and toxins.

Lifestyle practices for the fall season.

Pre-recorded and recorded sessions and so much more!

Client Testimonials

This reset came at the right time for me. I’m a 45-year-old female, with no major health problems and a healthy lifestyle. I have a stressful work environment, which I believe to be the source for most of the stress and anxiety in my life, and which lately has been more difficult to manage. My coping strategies included 3-4 cups of coffee a day, followed by 1-2 alcoholic beverages at night. The reset felt and sounded impossible at first, but with Candice’s support and guidance, I eased my way into it.

The reset had astoundingly positive results for me! I had overall better energy that was more steady throughout the day, My reactions to stress are less severe. A surprising benefit was the mental clarity and self-awareness that bloomed. So many of my feelings over time have become blunted, and I could feel my inner child literally being “unstuck” from the muddy sludge. I felt like I was only beginning to scratch the surface of self-discovery when the cleanse ended.

While I am comfortable with eating and preparing plants, I’ve never been 100% plant-based. Candice and Lauren did an excellent job preparing me and guiding me through plant-based eating! I learned great tips for food prep that helped make it manageable during a hectic workweek. The recipes provided were overall easy to follow and delicious. I especially appreciated Lauren’s guidance on intuitive cooking, where you cook based on what’s in the fridge versus what’s on a recipe card. I gained a lot of confidence and satisfaction cooking intuitively and found some very satisfying flavor combos!

Now that the reset is complete, I have a better connection with how what I eat and drink makes me feel. I’ve found some new practices that have improved my mindset and quality of life, and I feel comfortable continuing many of these practices on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to the next reset in the fall! Thanks so much, Candice and Lauren for helping me live my best life!

Big love, hugs, and gratitude,


Thank you, Candice! I almost dutifully followed your 12-day cleanse in May 2022, ignoring what wouldn’t fit my body and lifestyle, and implementing all other suggestions, especially incorporating many of the recipes. I cut out meat but not fish, dairy, added sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, for the cleanse, and kept it going, now six weeks later. In that time, I’ve lost 8 lbs., and as far as “cheating,” I mostly did the cleanse to reset my terrible sugar addiction, which made me feel awful and helped pack on too much weight, especially being home during the pandemic.

So far, I’ve only had three gluten- and dairy-free cupcakes, two scoops of ice cream, and a slice of chocolate cake (always eat chocolate cake from The Mile Away Restaurant!), and remained free of meat, caffeine, and alcohol (the last two were never an issue), with only a little dairy.

I’ve added many vegetables, beans, tofu, nuts, and beans to my diet, and when my brain says, “I want a snack,” I easily deflect to an apple or water with lemon. I’m also keeping sweets to the weekend, only once a day, so I can leave the kitchen without any cravings.

Your guidance, classes, exercise suggestions, and recipes were incredibly helpful. I’ve managed to change my bad eating habits to a way of eating I can use for years to come, and I would recommend anyone looking to reset their eating and lifestyle habits consider using your expertise to live a more healthy life.



After some initial hesitation, I decided to sign up for the 2022 Spring Cleanse with Candice. At the time, cutting out caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and sugar seemed overwhelming to think about. I’m really glad I did it! I learned that a cleanse isn’t just about restrictions – with Candice’s guidance, the focus is more on what you are adding to your diet, and why. The live zoom meetings were super helpful to me in explaining why we were pausing certain foods or adding others. Through the Facebook group, I was able to see that others were having the same struggles at certain points during the cleanse. And the recipes were tasty, filling, and broadened my thinking on how to incorporate more vegetables and grains into my diet.

After the cleanse, I felt less stressed and irritable, and I truly felt that my digestion had improved. While I eventually returned to my prior diet, I have been thinking a lot about eating a more plant-based diet and have looked into Ayurvedic cookbooks. I’m looking forward to the next cleanse to help me along!

~ Ashley


Cleanse Schedule

Launches September 18th and runs through September 27th, 2022



September 18th- Time TBA: Live or watch the recorded session at your leisure -kickoff presentation led by Candice Trudel

September 23rd- Time TBA: Live or watch the recorded session at your leisure -presentation on the kidney and bladder meridians along with the lungs and large intestine and how they aid in emotional cleansing.

September 27th- Time TBA: Live or watch the recorded session at your leisure- Candice guides you as you shift out of the cleanse and where to go from here.

Where: Zoom

Investment: First-time cleanser rate $333

Returning Cleanser Rate: $222.

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